Building a better quality of life starts with our public buildings


Cities, counties and campuses across the country are realizing profound economic and environmental impacts by investing in smart, sustainable solutions and other energy efficiency measures. In doing so, these organizations are not only benefitting their local communities but also seeing meaningful impacts to their bottom line through cost savings and other operational efficiencies.

Energy Savings Unlocked

Whether you’re looking to receive LEED certification or simply want to improve the efficiency and comfort of your buildings, Enpowered can help identify simple yet actionable items to realize energy savings and improve performance. In this way,  our institutional clients can increase their financial stability without sacrificing the quality of their services to the communities they serve.

From Start to Sustainable

Alleviating budget constraints isn’t the only benefit that comes from improving the overall efficiency of your buildings. As building portfolios and occupancy continue to grow in size, institutions are increasingly in need of a means to not only talk about, but to show how they are “waking the talk” of environmental stewardship.

By monitoring and improving the efficiency of its buildings, our institutional clients establish themselves as leaders in sustainable practices while delivering comfortable, healthy environments.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Learn about Enpowered’s work as the Commissioning Authority for the new San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Headquarters which has achieved LEED Platinum Certification. 

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Delivering innovative energy solutions to institutions across the country

Microgrids and Energy Resilience

We provide controls, energy expertise and design for the implementation services of microgrids. These systems provide numerous benefits to buildings including improved power reliability and supply, a reduction in overall energy consumption, and revenue generating opportunities through ancillary service markets.

Strong Institutional Ties

We have successfully developed and implemented enterprise energy management software, energy efficiency, and renewable power generation projects throughout the country for cities, counties, universities, school districts and other academic institutions.

Controls Programming and Integration

In-house controls programming and integration, including enabling energy management data visibility through a building’s existing automation system.

Energy Engineering and Design

Proven results over thousands of energy assessments have resulted in an extensive portfolio of implemented energy projects that have saved hundreds of millions in energy and operational costs


Energy Services

Take control of your energy planning with Enpowered’s comprehensive energy audits. We have developed, designed and implemented thousands of energy efficiency measures resulting in cost savings for cities, counties, and educational institutions across the country.


Enpowered is much more than a typical commissioning firm. We also assist our institutional clients in all aspects of energy management with a focus on bringing cutting edge, yet proven technology to our projects. Comprehensive energy efficiency, Cx, RCx, MBCx and LEED certification, are only a few ways Enpowered seeks to improve county, city, and campus efficiency. 

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