Healthy Buildings

Healthy Buildings

Creating healthy building environments

Creating healthy building environments

Creating healthy building environments

Enpowered Solutions is focused on providing building owners and managers with the tools and resources needed to create safe spaces for their workers, students, and visitors and to demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a healthy building environment.

Creating Peace of Mind

Most building occupants have shifted to the relative safety of home for work, learning, and shopping. As workers, students, and other facility visitors are allowed to return to their non-home-based environments, many will have concerns about the health and safety of those locations.

Enpowered works with building owners and managers to create operational processes and implement infrastructure upgrades to establish and maintain healthy building environments while also achieving select industry certifications and posting notifications to show occupants that those locations are meeting healthy building standards.

The new COVID-19 world has reinforced that there is a direct connection between building environments and tenant health. Enpowered works with customers in the areas of Healthy Building and Air Quality Certifications to meet the needs of building owners and their occupants. We help customers achieve building certifications, such as LEED IAQ, WELL, Fitwell, and RESET, as well as to meet the standards and guidelines of ASHRAE. In support of creating a healthy building environment, ASHRAE has developed ‘Guidance for Building Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Enpowered is ready to help you implement these recommendations in your buildings and operations.

One Size Does Not Fit All

While there is no magic shield to protect all building inhabitants from infectious diseases, prudent building owners and managers should be doing everything they can to bring comfort to tenants of the new COVID-19 world. This includes pursuing certifications (regardless of the certification standard chosen) both to create a healthier building environment for tenants and demonstrate in very clear terms to office workers, students, shoppers, travelers, and other visitors that your building is safer than those that have not undergone the same level of scrutiny and (where needed) upgrades.

Enpowered works with our clients to determine the best solutions for their specific sites, and then helps them to implement those solutions efficiently and effectively.

Healthy Building Certifications

Find the appropriate certifications for your buildings and start your journey towards a healthy building environment.

Building Standards

Discover and implement the latest in building recommendations from leading national standards organizations.

Tenant Communications

Showcase your healthy building leadership to give your occupants and visitors the assurances they need that the building is ready and safe for occupancy.

Check out the recording of a recent Enpowered Healthy Buildings webinar entitled “The Role of Healthy Buildings in the New COVID World” featuring a panel of building experts discussing the needs and actions of commercial and institutional buildings.

Reopening Schools Safely through CalSHAPE

Applications open soon for the California Schools Healthy Air, Plumbing and Energy (CalSHAPE) Ventilation and Plumbing programs. These programs provides grants to assess, maintain, adjust, repair, or upgrade heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in schools and replace noncompliant plumbing fixtures and
appliances that fail to meet water efficiency standards. Learn more and enroll today.

Ready to demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a healthy building environment?