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Enpowered provides energy insight to hundreds of commercial customers each year through our experienced energy experts, resulting in millions of dollars in energy and operational savings.

Lower operating costs

It can be challenging maintaining the performance and health of your commercial building, especially while trying to achieve broader organizational goals or environmental stewardship. Generally, the first step to improving building efficiency is gathering a baseline for energy usage and then making upgrades accordingly.

However, a comprehensive energy analysis and retro-commissioning effort can reveal far more than just cost-saving opportunities for your business. Proper implementation of efficiency measures can go well beyond improving a company’s bottom line and increase the value of its assets while showcasing a leadership in sustainability.

Increased Occupant Comfort

Improved environmental quality goes a long way in improving the health and wellness of your building’s occupants. Hotels, hospitals, and office buildings, for instance, might employ smarter energy or environmental management systems to improve the customer and tenant experience which in turn can improve revenue. Enpowered provides new building commissioning services to ensure that all these systems are optimally deployed.

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Partnering to provide insight into your energy use resulting in actionable solutions

Commissioning for any State of Your Project

We ensure optimal building performance in both new and existing structures through new construction commissioning, monitoring-based commissioning, and retro-commissioning. We are a market leader in providing detailed energy analytics to improve the visibility and energy utilization across the commercial sector.

Deep Experience with Commercial Energy Management

The Enpowered team has extensive experience across all commercial market sectors and the equipment and controls associated with those sectors, including office buildings, healthcare, hospitality, refrigerated warehouses, and many others.

Utility Insight

Our former utility experts provide utility insight through long-term relationships and deep experience identifying and capture rebates and incentives to maximize project ROI.

Real Data Driving Real Results

Proven results over thousands of energy assessments have resulted in an extensive portfolio of implemented energy projects that have saved hundreds of millions in energy and operational costs.


Energy Services

Take control of your organization’s energy planning with Enpowered’s comprehensive energy audits. We have developed, designed and implemented thousands of energy efficiency measures resulting in cost savings for businesses and campuses across the country.


Enpowered is much more than a commissioning firm. We also assist our institutional, agricultural, commercial and industrial clients in all aspects of energy management with a focus on bringing cutting edge, yet proven technology to our projects.

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Contact us today to learn how you can capture your performance advantage through energy solutions that fulfill your organization’s goals.

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