Farm-to-Table isn’t just about food—it’s also about the energy it takes to get there


From field and greenhouse farms to food processing and warehouses, food production and logistics are energy intensive. As one of the most important sectors in the US economy, we’ve seen that that improving energy use will grow the bottom line without sacrificing production or quality.

Enhance operational efficiency

Determining your energy usage is the first step toward creating a comprehensive energy management strategy and improving your operational efficiency. Through our detail energy analyses, we’re able to identify improvements that not only benefit your bottom line, but ones that also serve to establish a reputation for sustainability and environmental consciousness.

With a more detailed snapshot of your energy usage, our energy engineers can then recommend low or no cost solutions to bring your operation up to its optimal performance, such as improving pump efficiency, food production efficiency, and water conservation. In addition to reduced maintenance costs and longer equipment life, Enpowered engineers may identify opportunities for renewable and storage installations such as solar, furthering enhancing your operations’ energy profile.

Measurement and Verification

Ongoing monitoring of your facility’s performance is critical to maintaining efficiency and keeping costs low, now and in the future. As equipment wears out, energy consumption fluctuates, and sensors need frequent recalibration. This can make the task of building management challenging, if not impossible, to keep up with. However, with the proper controls and monitoring software, you will be able to track your long-term energy savings to support future efficiency initiatives and operational decisions.

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Enhancing operations through energy efficiency without sacrificing production or quality

Efficiency has Far Reaching Benefits

Efficiency measures not only save energy but also may make farmers more productive as well as conserving natural resources, like water.

Strong Agricultural Ties

We leverage our network with agricultural associations, educational institutions, and vendors to your benefit, bringing the right solutions and technologies that fit your specific needs.

Utility Insight

Our former utility experts provide utility insight that will enable access to front-end financial support and back-end incentives, including the M&V capabilities to prove savings and capture rebates

Real Data Driving Real Results

Proven results over thousands of energy assessments have resulted in an extensive portfolio of implemented energy projects that have saved hundreds of millions in energy and operational costs



At the pump, in the refrigerated warehouse, or in the production plant, Enpowered will help you take control of your energy through our detailed energy audits. Our engineers identify where your business is wasting energy and will recommend actionable ways to save money.


We have a wide variety of commissioning options, such as Retrocommissioning (RCx) and Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx), that result in low and no-cost improvements and automated data analytics tools to provide optimal efficiency in your operations.


Controls are an essential and effective tool in food production. Our control engineers bring in-depth knowledge of pumping and production systems, to ensure state of the art control systems. We have deep expertise in refrigeration, compressed air, and food processing.

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Contact us today to learn how you can capture your performance advantage through energy solutions that fulfill your organization’s goals.

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