Staff Augmentation

Projects are now including the integration of more complex building systems, components and sequences of operation. These, along with LEED and new building codes, is driving towards more comprehensive system performance assurance.

Enpowered personnel support Owners and General Contractors (GC) as part of the project team to fill any technical or resource voids and to allow Owners and GC to focus on their core expertise.  These additional strategic resources help the project team achieve their goal of getting the project completed on time and on budget for the scope that meets or exceeds the Owners expectations based on their Owner Project Requirements.

On most projects the project team includes: the Owner (Planning & Construction and Facilities Operations), the Architect and Engineers, Commissioning Agent (CxA), and the GC with their subcontractors.  Each entity is solely focused on their contracted scope of work with the design,

installation and functionality of equipment divided among many.

To support projects, Enpowered had developed a new Cx Manager role.  Personnel filling this role have supported projects working for the Owner, as the CxA, and for the GC.  Adding this new core competency to the team provides an advantage and a level of project insight not typically achieved. Integrating an Enpowered Cx Manager to the project team, that keeps the end goal in mind, gives you that advantage.  Shifting the focus of “system functionality” earlier, while the start-up technicians are still on site, will minimize the time and cost of turnover and enhance system performance. The Cx Manager can focus on all aspects of the Cx of the project while the Onwer and GC do what they do best.

Including a focused resource as part of the project team provides a level of insight not typically attained.  Executing the project with the end in mind provides a number of key advantages:

  • Identifies clear and concise project expectations
  • Increases team communication
  • Identifies issues before they negatively impact the project`
  • Minimizes Schedule Impacts
  • Reduces Call-Backs

Helping connect the dots brings a new level of understanding to the team and improves communication between the construction team and the CxA and Owner. This new intelligence provides a functional real-time view of the installation, allowing projects to be efficiently and effectively managed.

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