Project Management

Enpowered’s experienced Project Managers (PMs) utilize best in class tools and practices for managing resources, work activities and due dates.
Enpowered accepts nothing less than managing projects on time, on budget and in a manner that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations. We have a long history of successfully assisting clients implement a wide variety of projects and programs by focusing on four key areas:

  • Leadership: Each of our projects has an assigned PM/CxA who serves as the client’s single point of communication. The CxA is responsible for all facets of the project from project definition through contractor oversight and commissioning.
  • Planning: A Project Management Plan is developed for projects, which documents the actions needed to integrate and coordinate planning activities, as well as defines how the project is executed, monitored and controlled, and closed. We also perform risk analyses and recommend strategies to mitigate our clients’ exposure to various risks elements.
  • Execution: Once the plan is established, we organize and coordinate the required resources to implement the project throughout the cyclical project life-cycle (see diagram below). We consistently track progress against the plan to monitor and control performance.
  • Communication: Project Managers provide frequent and timely assessment of project status to our clients. We maintain a pro-active stance and position ourselves to mitigate minor project-related issues before they become serious obstacles. We require frequent project meetings to ensure proper coordination of contractor tasks.

Enpowered’s Project Managers maintain a proactive stance and position themselves to mitigate minor issues before they become more serious headaches or obstacles. We effectively utilize project meetings to ensure project goals and expectations are properly communicated, tasks are properly coordinated and understood, and to present a current assessment of project status to our clients. Proper reporting procedures ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, and dissemination of project information.

Along with the core team, that will stay with the project through its entirety, the PM coordinates with our internal team on a weekly basis. This ensures that additional resources, that are best suited for the tasks at hand, are available to support tasks and ensure quality through our by/check/approval process. This QA process requires that each deliverable is checked by an engineer, independent of the originator, ensuring the accuracy of each product. The process also requires that any deliverable be approved by a senior team member.

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