Zero Net Energy

Enpowered employs a standardized approach to Zero Net Energy (ZNE) projects consistent with its philosophy of delivering the comprehensive, highest return on investment projects to our clients.  Our approach consistent with state order of loading is as follows:

  • Provide deep and comprehensive energy retrofits on each of the facilities. Our solutions includes comprehensive lighting, HVAC, envelope and other equipment measures, along with commissioning, retrocommissioning and demand response to ensure maximum savings possible.
  • Provide full scale on-site energy generation options. We have deep expertise in project development, design and installation of solar and other cogeneration technologies.

Enpowered also completed design assistance services, which provided the sizing of the equipment, detailed panel layouts, proforma development, and the specification of and bidding support for generation projects.

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Technical Services Provided

We provide comprehensive end-to-end energy services for K-12 institutional customers looking to meet their Zero Net Energy goals.  Our engineers have recent, relevant and comprehensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Deep knowledge of Prop 39 and school funding – Enpowered is one of the leaders in the state in providing comprehensive energy services to schools and colleges. We have over $12 Million approved by CEC in energy projects.  We provide comprehensive Prop 39 and energy planning to services to over 30 school districts and hundreds of schools.
  • Our energy engineers are experts in the areas of lighting, HVAC and other systems that are deployed at these institutions and are adept at identifying and delivering deep energy saving retrofits aZNE Processt these facilities. We have not only audited over 500 schools across these 30 school districts, we have developed projects in excess of $50 million dollars.
  • We are experts at energy modeling. Our engineers routinely employ eQuest, Trane Trace, EnergyPro and other custom spreadsheet modeling tools to model even the most complex energy system.
  • We provide engineering and project management services to our clients. Our most recent completed projects include HVAC, cogeneration and solar design at several school districts and institutional clients.
  • We understand the school environment and associated Division of State Architect (DSA) requirements. Our engineers expertly develop solutions that minimize regulatory hurdles and fast track these projects to quick completion.

Enpowered employs state of the art tools to provide our clients with comprehensive energy reports.  Our engineers, designers and architects are intimately familiar with all aspect of energy efficiency and solar design. Our expertise with California Zero Net Energy development and design is recent and relevant. We have extensive experience with solar panel manufacturers, inverter and racking manufacturers as well as their tools used to develop projects.

Our engineering team has recently obtained, engineered and permitted a 250 kW solar PV system in LA county using a variety of these tools.

Our tools include the following:

  • EQuest, EnergyPro, Trace and HAP for building modeling
  • Custom built lighting, HVAC, chilled water plant spreadsheets for energy analysis
  • PV Watts for solar analysis
  • Custom racking tools to layout panels
  • ACAD and other CAD tools for design services

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