Automated Demand Response

What is Automated Demand Response?

Automated Demand Response (AUTO-DR OR ADR) is a utility program that is designed to save your company money and energy by offering significant financial incentives in exchange for shifting or reducing energy use during critical energy peak demand periods — automatically.

The Benefits of ADR

Enpowered Solutions is a leader in Auto-DR solutions and will work with you, your staff, and the utility to identify Auto-DR strategies and equipment to reduce electricity demand. In certain utility territories, this may be at no-cost to you.  Enpowered will also provide technical coordination to assist you during the installation of the Auto-DR equipment and with program operations once installed.

Success at a Glance

An industrial customer enrolled in the Auto-DR program and received a no-cost comprehensive technical audit of their site. As a result, a load shed strategy was implemented, calling for a pre-determined shutdown of motors, air compressors, and  other auxiliary equipment. The customer enrolled in the Demand Bidding program. A day-ahead notice was issued for a four-hour ADR event that took place from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.  During the event, the customer automatically responded and shed a total of 8.7 MW.  The customer received significant financial incentives.

Current Auto Demand Response Programs

Several utilities in California are offering great incentives for equipment and participation. Read more…



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