• Gateways Hospital
    Multiple Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Harrah’s Entertainment
    • Energy Project Development and Project Management Services
      • Harrah’s Atlantic City
      • Showboat Atlantic City
      • Harrah’s Lake Tahoe
      • Harrah’s Las Vegas
      • Harrah’s Reno
      • Harvey’s Lake Tahoe
      • Rio Casino Resort
  • California Energy Commission
    • International Energy Fund
      • Tyco Healthcare PMI, Tijuana Mexico
      • Tyco Plastics CPG, Tijuana Mexico
      • Tyco Healthcare Nellcor, Juarez, Mexico
      • Tyco Healthcare Bermudez, Tijuana, Mexico
  • Covidien
    Energy Project Development Services
    National Rebate Management Services
    Cogeneration Project
  • Disney, Inc.
    Disneyland Central Plant Project
    Disneyland Central Compressed Air Monitoring Project
  • Pacific Gas and Electric
    • Savings By Design Energy Efficiency Analysis Contract
    • Commercial Energy Audit Contract


  • Over $75 million in Proposition 39 eligible energy efficiency measures
  • Performed over 360 ASHRAE Level 1 and II Prop 39 Energy Audits
  • Over $500,000 utility rebates and incentives identified
  • Over $52 million in approved funding
  • 100% EEP plans accepted


Proposition 39 LEA Engagements
Alhambra USD Fullerton USD Pasadena USD
Anaheim Union HSD Glendale USD Placer COE
Baldwin Park USD Green Dot Schools Pond USD
Bellflower USD Guajome Schools San Bernardino USD
Beverly Hills USD Hanford Joint UHSD Santa Ana USD
Big Sur USD Irvine USD San Francisco USD
Bowman Charter La Canada USD Silver Valley UDS
Calaveras COE Lake Elsinore USD Tustin USD
Chaffey Union HSD Los Rios CCD Vacaville USD
Coronado Unified Orange CDE Val Verde USD
El Centro ESD Oxnard USD Wasco Union High SD
Fresno EOC / SOUL Palo Alto USD West Contra Costa USD


Energy Conservation Measures Implemented in Connection with Past Projects

We have successfully developed and implemented enterprise energy management software, energy efficiency, renewable and power generation projects throughout California for our K-12 clients. Some of the specific technologies that Enpowered Solutions have expertise in are:

Building Envelope:

  • Windows and Doors: Air infiltration retrofit; Dual pane windows; Window film;
  • Insulation: Roof and wall insulation, replacement, and addition


  • Lighting Systems: Fluorescent Lights retrofit and replace lighting fixtures w/LED; Replace incandescent and halogen lamps with compact fluorescent lamps or LED; Replace Exit Signs lamps with LED; Replace exterior/parking structure lighting with energy efficient lighting systems such as T8, induction or LED; Solar Tube Installation for natural lighting system (New Technology) or Skylights
  • Lighting Controls: Motion sensors; Lighting schedule through programmable controllers; Occupancy sensors; Daylight harvesting; Bi level switching; Dimming; Advanced controls with programmable ballast, integration with HVAC controls

Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning (HVAC): Controlled Natural Ventilation:

  • Package Units: Install new energy-efficient units; Install multi-zone units with VAV boxes; Downsize units; Improved shut down schedule by adding units; Add or repair economizers; Replace air heaters with radiant heaters
  • Distribution Systems: Duct cleaning; VAV box retrofit; Air Balancing; Replace air filters with low pressure high efficiency type; Duct pressure losses; Duct leakage and thermal losses; Replace inlet guide vane with VFD; Belt pulley drive improvements; Fan wall; Variable Kitchen Exhaust

Central Plant:

  • Replace aging chillers with energy efficient/environmentally compliant chillers; All variable speed plant with intelligent optimization controls; Boiler, chiller, pump and cooling tower sequencing; Replace aging boilers with SCAQMD compliant boilers with low NOx burner; Replace aging boilers with highly efficient condensing type boilers including advanced temperature control; Replace aging cooling towers with new and energy efficient cooling towers; Replace cooling tower fill


  • Programmable thermostats; DDC controls for scheduling and resets; Temperature and pressure set point resets, economizer optimization; Demand control based on CO2 monitoring; Fan and pump speed controls optimization; Terminal unit optimization; Install new Direct Digital Controls (DDC) or retrofit the existing pneumatic or older controls; Security Systems; Fire Alarms Systems; Re-commissioning and Retro-commissioning

Renewable Energy/Cogeneration:

  • Solar, Geothermal, Wind Energy, and Fuel Cell: Complete systems;
  • Cogeneration: Gas Turbine, Heat Recovery Systems, Fuel Cells, etc.
  • Emergency Power Systems: Gas Engine, Diesel Generator, etc.


The Enpowered Solutions  Management Team is made up of former utility and third-party energy efficiency  and demand response market leaders. Our team members are experts at utility program administration and implementation, and is knowledgeable of the drivers associated with today’s regulatory, policy and market requirements. Our utility customers rely upon us to ensure cost effective and persistent energy savings; responsive load reduction; market transformation; and a high degree of accuracy and efficacy. Our Current and past customers include:


  • San Diego Gas and Electric
    • Comprehensive Audit Program (CAP)
  • Southern California Edison
    • Restaurant Efficiency Program Innovations (RESEPi)
  • Pacific Gas and Electric
    • Savings By Design Energy Efficiency Analysis Contract
    • Commercial Energy Audit Contract
  • Southern California Gas Company
    • Savings By Design
  • Better Buildings Inc. / Statewide IOUs (SCE, SDG&E, PG&E, SoCalGas)
    • Western HVAC Performance Alliance (WHPA)


Enpowered has deep expertise in cogeneration (combined heat and power), this includes:

  •  Life Cycle Support; Our expertise include all facets of CHP life cycle which includes development, construction, operations, and maintenance. Our expertise also includes the end-use systems at our customer’s facilities so we can properly size these plants.
  • Rebates and Incentives; many states have specific incentives for these type of technologies. Enpowered has the experience in maximizing the reward for the customer. There are also federal incentives that may be available.

Our cogeneration clients include:

  • Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC)
  • Kern Oil and Refining Company
  • Anaergia/ Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority
  • Baxter Healthcare
  • California State University, Long Beach
  • Royalty Carpets, Inc.
  • Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc.
  • Covidien, North Haven, CT


Enpowered has deep expertise in renewable generation. Our expertise spans cogeneration using biogas, solar photovoltaic, and solar thermal systems. Our expertise include all facets of life cycle which includes development, construction, operations, and maintenance. Our projects include:

  •  Tyco Healthcare
    • 223 kW Photo Voltaic Project
  • Miller Brewing Company
    • Irwindale Facility Biogas Generation Project